Snack ideas for kids

Snack ideas for kids



As our kids grow, so does their brains.  It is also important to make sure that we nourish their brains with all the right nutrients.


I believe in healthy eating not only for myself but for my little one as well.


We try to steer away from gluten, dairy and refined sugars as much as possible. The reason for this is because his brain is going through its biggest development stage (first 1000 days) and needs the best nutrients. I still give him these occasionally as he still has a lifetime of parties ahead and I don’t want to make him immune to the above.

Benjamin turns 2 in October and his appetite is really big. He has consistent eating times and thrives on it. I however don’t give him any fruit after 16h00 to prevent the “sugar” high and restlessness.


🍉fruit salad (you can add plain yogurt if you want)

🍏apple chippies and nut butter

🍌nice cream (banana, add fruits of choice for flavour,blend and freeze dairyfree)

🍬 naturesdelicacies snacks (convenient and healthy)

🍪 healthy biscuits and tea (Benjamin takes rooibos with almond milk)

*Flapjacks with fruit and yogurt

Our kids love a sweet snack but we need to take care of that afternoon savoury snack. My friend Shayleigh took care of the yummy savoury snacks for us and you can find it here. We both love healthy eating and understand the importance of brain development.

Our nighttime routine

Our nighttime routine

I’m a firm believer of “the night sets you up for the next day”. Not only that, but children sleep much better if their night routine is consistent. Also, routine gives children a sense of security and help them develop self discipline.

Firstly, choose calm activities that your kiddo like and make it part of wind-down time. Benjamin for example likes inset puzzles and a good story.

Here are few calming activities for night time:

*smelling (calming scents e.g lavender)

*building blocks

*pillow talk

*playdough (with lavender oil, it will calm them)

*yoga for sleep

Let’s see what happens at night at V-residence:

*Around 06h30pm we have dinner as a family. After this we clean and set clothes out for the next day. Benjamin packs his toys away, “sweep”, “mop” and dry dishes (his own utensils). My husband and I do the dishes together and do some final clean ups.

*At 07h30pm it is bath time. We take our time with this. Here we include water and sensor play while the lullabies are playing in the background. This is also where we dim the lights. I make it a priority to massage his entire body. I specifically do the reflexology baby massage that also focuses on lymph stimulation which helps to promote sleep (I learned all this at work through chats with professionals-I’m a child therapist). He always uses body lotion and covers himself in it. I let him be, as this is a nice and soothing sensory experience.

*Finally, after being all oiled up and calm we read The Bible, pray and he will then choose a book (or seven) to read until he falls asleep. NOTE: he weaned himself (I played a part) from the bottle around 16months old. So, no bottle at night. He often asks for water in his sippy cup.

This is our night time routine and what works for us.  See what works for you and your family. Adjust where you need to. Let me know if you have any questions. I will gladly answer.

Happy sleeping!


Authentic Mom xoxo


My birth story

My birth story


Becoming a mother is one of the most beautiful events on earth.  We all have different stories to tell of how this unfolded. Some good, some bad and some totally unforgettable. I believe most mothers will agree with the latter. I want to share mine with you…

I knew I was pregnant before I even took the test! I just had a feeling and I was right.

Fast forward to giving birth….

My due date was 25 September but I went 2 weeks overdue. In the first week of my “overdue” I felt extremely heavy and I could barely walk, my pelvis was sore. Being a first time mother I also confused Braxton-Hicks contractions with the real deal. We went to the hospital, got checked and I was 3cm dilated. I was told to get my snacks ready, take a long hot bath and baby will definitely arrive the next day. Did all of that, now we wait…

Baby did not come and obviously grew bigger by the day. I was admitted for an elective c-section as baby was now too big and they did not want to risk anything. The doctor also noticed that the discomfort (sometimes pain) I experienced on my left side was his shoulder that was stuck in my pelvic bone. This was even more reason for the doctor to follow through with the c-section.

I was overnight at the hospital and still hoping that the doctor will change his mind in the morning about my c-section, I so badly wanted to give natural birth. In the morning my water broke and had contractions. I was supposed to go into theatre at 08h00 but went in at 07h00 immediately when I went into labour. The epidural was uncomfortable for me as they only got it in at the fifth attempt.  I still had feelings on my right side and this is where they put in pain medication in my drip, it made me so so so drowsy! I remember being in a daze and then hearing my baby cry. They let me kiss him on the head as I was in no position to hold him at that time due to the medication.

On his way out he swallowed meconium, was bringing it up a lot and had to sleep in an incubator for the entire first day. My heart was sore because I so badly wanted to hold my baby. I was however allowed to feed him every 2 hours. He also struggled to latch properly and the breastfeeding nurses helped so much, he eventually got a hold of the technique and was a happy baby again.

In the recovery room I was shaking like crazy. I am still not sure whether I was feeling cold or if my body was in shock. They gave me some heat but the shaking continued…I guess my body was in shock then?

Benjamin was born 3 October 2018 at 3.6kgs and 50cm long. Yes, I know that I could have given natural birth but his shoulder was stuck and he would not be able to make an exit.

Because my body was in such shock my milk dried up! But I did not know this until my baby cried non-stop for almost 2 days. We thought he was sick and luckily I got the best medical team on my side. We had to stay in the hospital for another day until my milk returned and baby had to have 3 poopsie nappies. We were successful and went home.

My journey of motherhood started off rocky but I am so blessed to be walking it. Many people can only dream of it.


Let me end with this…it doesn’t matter how your birth story unfolded. It doesn’t make you less of a mother.



Authentic Mom xx