Coated cake balls (recipe)

Coated cake balls (recipe)


This recipe creation has such a silly story. I wanted to warm Benjamin’s oats in the oven  (it was stillwarm after I used it) and it came out like a literal cake.

Then the idea of making these cake balls for him came to life! Ofcourse I had to test it out first before I could share it with you.

The ingredients are simple and so is the method. Feel free to make your own flavours and coatings.

This is just a basic recipe for Benjamin as he really loves theses. Let’s get started!

FIRST, put the oven on 200°C

-1 cup raw instant oats (I used FutureLife Smart Oats)
-50ml of milk (I used Buttanutt Oat milk)
-pinch of salt
-1 teaspoon raw honey
-2 squeeze packets/ 65g of Buttanutt nutspread
-you might need a little hot water to add to your mixture for more moisture if needed

-Mix all ingredients together except for the nutspread. You want a firm texture to roll into little balls

-Grease a baking tray

-Roll mixture into balls and place on tray

-Bake for 10 minutes or until golden brown

-Let it cool

-Coat with nutspread

-Decorate with sprinkles or shredded coconut

-Put in fridge for spread to set or enjoy as is!

NOTE: Feel free to add a scoop of protein to your mixture if it is for yourself and enjoy as an post/pre workout snack.

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