Happy New Year-2021

Happy New Year-2021



It is no secret that 2020 was one of the years where we were challenged in more ways we could have imagined. I personally was challenged in all areas of my life.

We are in a new year and things won’t just automatically restore, it is still a process. But I am sure we had a mindshift and want 2021 to be better. There is however so much uncertainty about the year ahead and some of us may be hesitant to set goals. So, let’s do things a little different instead.

The year 2020 rattled us all and we need a reset of ourselves. I am certain in this time we also lost someone or something. But it is time to put the focus back on us again and be better versions of ourselves than in 2020. Especially as parents, our children needs us in your best state, they also went through a lot


Let us focus on the following:

-mental health

-personal development

-being present

-healthier food choices

-excel in our gifts

-make time for ourselves

-take one step at a time, progress over perfection

-set healthy boundaries


I pray that your spirit will be restored. That you grow into a better and stronger version of yourself. That you will heal. Most importantly, that you have a closer relationship with God, experiences love and have joy unspeakable.

Stay safe, God bless you.