My skin journey with PortiaM

My skin journey with PortiaM


My skin used to be at its worse post pregnancy. Acne ruled my life in every sense of the word.


I remember waking up and touching my face first thing before I even said my morning prayer.  Going outdoors and to gatherings was like a punishment. The loads of make-up I had to hide behind to cover up my “horrible” skin was so unpleasant.


There was a lot of trial and error with various products which only aggravated my skin and safe to say, I gave up on my skin. I didn’t buy anything for it anymore, until I did enough research on products.  It was then when I came across PortiaM products.


My lifestyle changes for the glow

Due to my acne I had to make a few lifestyle changes. I had to cut out dairy, refined sugars, processed foods and gluten.  It was really tough at the beginning but I did it for my skin. My system eventually adapted to the new normal and my tastebuds danced to the taste of black, no sugar rooibos tea.  This new lifestyle cost a lot of discipline I the beginning, but now I am used to it and it comes naturally for me to maintain it.


My journey with PortiaM

The journey started when a friend introduced me to these products. The price seemed too good to be true (price range from R41.49-R158.99) but the results and testimonials are what made me swipe my card at Clicks. It was a 3 for 2 special that day and I invested in the entire Marula range.  I am using it for 4 months now.


The different range:

The Marula Range is suitable for normal to dry skin, acne prone and blemishes.

The Pomegranate range is for sensitive skin. The face cream in this range will also help to reverse the signs of aging.

My skincare routine

I have become disciplined in my routine. No matter how tired I am I make sure to take care of my skin. I use the entire Marula range which consists of face wash, toner, serum and day/night cream. I also use it in this exact order (with day/ night cream at relevant times).


Another thing I do in my skincare routine is to dry my face with a paper towel instead of a normal towel, this ensures that no bacteria comes on my face after I washed it. I also do derma rolling twice a week to improve collagen and blood circulation.


The results…

In the first 3 days purging (developed fine pimples) occurred but the fourth day it was gone. My skin just needed time to adapt to the new product. But this is quite rare with most of the people that use it. Patience is key. My skin was glowing and looked healthy in a few days.


I am using the products for 4 months now and my blemishes are lighter and the acne has disappeared.


Maintaining my glowing skin:

To maintain my glowing skin I make sure to always have my skin products stocked u . Due to the lifestyle changes I had to make, I also plan my meals ahead to make sure I stay on track with my eating. I am in a routine with my skincare routine, I don’t go to the kitchen in the morning without washing my face (my dad drilled this into us from a very young age) and I wash my face every night at 19h00. It started with an alarm on my phone until my brain automatically registered the time and action.

Shop the products at:







Independent Pharmacies

Beauty Zone

I will definitely continue using PortiaM and keep them part of my lifestyle.



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