How LadyBossBlogger Helped Me Build Confidence

How LadyBossBlogger Helped Me Build Confidence


I have always walked around with so much knowledge and wisdom on how to build my brand. I was just insecure and not totally sure how to put all my wisdom into action.


How did the influencer course help me?

The LadyBossBlogger Influencer Course is easy to follow and to the point. Elaine really takes the guesswork out of it. At first I was shy to approach brands until the influencer course taught me how to. I also have the confidence to engage with people with all walks of life. I used to feel intimidated at times. Safe to say that I have an amazing, engaging audience now.


Building trust with my audience

Brands look for the trust your followers have in you and I have learned to build that trust with my audience. I never had the confidence to speak to my followers in a way I do now, knowing I can ask them for up building criticism, what they want to see more of on my platform etc.

LadyBossBlogger helped me to turn the wheel and help them instead of doing this only for myself.


Confidence is in demand

Now that I am busy with this course and my wisdom has reached a new level, I can boldly say that brands have approached me. Most of the brands that approached me (with paid partnerships) are not within my niche and I had to turn them down. They saw my confidence and that is what they are looking for. Someone who will confidently represent their brand.


Check out the LadyBossBlogger Course!

If you want to dive on into the course, I’ve also got a discount code for you.  You can go to and use code BIANCAVENTER for 40% off any course you purchase or just click the link below:

This course is really life changing! Let me know if you have any questions.


Additional resources


Thank you LadyBossBlogger and Elaine Rau for sponsoring this post.

10 Things I Learned From LadyBossBlogger

10 Things I Learned From LadyBossBlogger



Being an actual blogger/influencer was a vague idea for many years. I just went with the flow, made memories, and impacted people’s lives. Little did I know I can still make an impact while making an income.

I tried my hand at watching waaay too many YouTube videos, got overwhelmed and confused with all the voices around me.

The global pandemic hit and I took a crazy financial knock. It was then that I decided to monetize my social media and blog to fill the gaps with LadyBossBlogger’s How To Make Money As An Instagram Influencer course. 


*Why I need to know my target audience

*Building a content strategy

*The difference between content creation and content marketing

*Scheduling tips

*How to set up my media kit

*How to pitch to brands and get responses

*How to land that first brand deal

*How to create passive influencer income

*How to monetize my live streams

*How to create a profitable course

Since this course, my engagement went up and I got a lot of exposure to other brands who sent me PR packages (big ones). 

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3-Day Become An Instagram Influencer

Grieving during the COVID19 pandemic

Grieving during the COVID19 pandemic


Grieving during this pandemic

My mother-in-love (law) recently passed away. She got severely ill during the pandemic…no it was not the COVID19 virus.

I remember visiting her 2 days before the lockdown, Benjamin kissed her for the first and not knowing for the last time…at the time it felt strange to me but it all makes sense now.

Due to all the strict lockdown regulations,

all we could do was giving her call daily (usually around 5pm). She was at home at times and then sometimes rushed to hospital. While she was in hospital we were not allowed to visit her. She often mentioned to us how lonely she felt and that she misses us. We were not allowed to take anything to her; we could not even gain access to take fresh pyjamas or her favourite snacks. It was horrible…

The doctors kept giving us bad news and we so badly wanted to see her just one last time. We were not even allowed in at the gates of the hospital. All we wanted was one last glimpse of my momma. Just to stroke her hand one last time, even just a brief moment, a split second. Too feel her tight hug or see her smile…just one last time.

I couldn’t it was illegal….

She always spoke to Benjamin on the phone in her last days. We then thought to make her a hug. We used a big piece of paper and let Benjamin lie on it. We cut out his posture and let him scribble on it all he wanted. We sanitised it, put his scent on and then asked the doctor to give the hug to his granny …

We don’t know if she ever received that last hug from him.  We were not there. We don’t know if she could breathe in the scent of her grandson for one last time…we were not there. Does she even know about the “letter”? We were not there. We will never know if she ever received it.

At the funeral…

In a time where everyone needed comfort we couldn’t hug, we couldn’t lean on each other’s shoulders (literally) and we had to invite only certain people to the funeral (limit 50).  So many friends and family wanted to come say their final goodbyes, but they couldn’t. And then it was said by government you are not allowed to cry at a funeral…how crazy did life get?

Oh COVID19, how you have come to turn life upside down. But we will keep standing firmly rooted in Christ Jesus.

I pray for comfort for everyone who has lost a loved one during this pandemic. Not only to COVID19,  but in general. May you experience the love of God now more than ever.