Should toddlers do chores?

Should toddlers do chores?


In short, yes. Most importantly is to let them do chores they love. Forcing chores on children they dislike is an unhealthy way to build a relationship with chores.


I know sometimes our toddler want to do the chores and it will take longer than usual, let them be. This makes them feel important and also give them self-confidence to do things by themselves. They also imitate what we do and watching us do daily chores is a great way to get them on their path to chores.

If your child can sit up by himself it is likely that they will start to pack toys in baskets, once walking they will do much more.


How to engage kids with chores?

  • -Be realistic about their ability
  • -make it fun
  • -don’t bribe them with materials, they would want a reward every time they did a chore
  • -praise them when they did a chore, this reinforce positive behaviours

There are also many benefits to doing chores:

It helps reinforce respect

Our kids often sees us working hard around the house. When they are assigned chores and have to clean up after themselves, they are more likely to respect the work of our hands and those of others. It also teaches them to respect their environment.

It teaches them life skills

It is a fact that they won’t be young forever and these teaching them life skills from an early age will be beneficial for them once they go out into the big world.

Helps them to build a strong work ethic

Bosses and teachers love this trait so let’s start them young. Children know that after cleaning there is a reward e.g outside play (I suggest not rewarding with material things at an early age). This helps them to understand that you reap rewards when you work and would thus awaken a strong work ethic within them.

Teaches teamwork

Team work is easily modelled at home for kids. It also teaches them how to work on a team and that there are consequences if expectations are not being met. When they go to school they know the value of teamwork.

Improves planning and time management skills

It helps them to understand that there is a time for everything. When they are older this will become a habit and it will be beneficial for them to make wise decisions in terms of time management.

Learn responsibility and self-reliance

Assigning chores to your child teaches them responsibility. It also makes them feel mature because you trust them to do chores.

Gives family a chance to bond

Doing chores together can create special moments between families. It also makes children feel important when they are included in tasks.




Happy cleaning! And remember, let them do chores they really enjoy.

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