The importance of a bath routine and reviewing PortiaM baby products

The importance of a bath routine and reviewing PortiaM baby products


A bath routine can set your little one up for a goodnight’s rest (and for you). It also is a great time for bonding and simultaneously learns about body parts and their functions. I strongly believe that bath time should not be rushed.

I always add the PortiaM Baby Oil in the bath water for extra moisture for the skin. I allow my little one to help me with that. It is part of our routine and this step never gets skipped. Even if I forget, he reminds me.


While we wash his body I label his body parts and apply deep pressure to ensure that his tensed up muscles start to relax. We love using the baby wash. It is very lightly fragranced and the pump function of the bottle always turns into a fun game “pump-pump squeeeeeze”.

After bathing him I pat his skin dry with a towel and play a game of “row-row your boat” while rolling him in the towel so he can dry. I then start to massage him with the PortiaM Baby lotion. It smells clean and lingers for a while on the skin.

I end this bath routine off by sealing the lotion on his body with the PortiaM Baby jelly. Here we label body parts again and talk about their functions. His favourite part to rub the jelly on is his knees. On that note: let me give you a fun fact. Did you know babies don’t have kneecaps until they reach pre-school age? Me neither! I only learned about it recently.


Please note that all products are dermatologically tested and are available at most retailers or on their website here.

Our routine ends with brushing teeth and reading a book or 7.

Please share some of your bath routine essentials with us.


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